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Sergio Muñoz Cano

Sergio studied scriptwriting, editing and direction at the School of Film and Television Septima Ars. Although he usually works for “La voz que yo amo” of director Chema de la Peña, for “Marea Films” of Antonio Gómez-Olea and “ Escorado Producciones ” of Gabriel Velázquez, he founded in 2008 the film producer “Tiempo de Rodar” with other partners and in 2012 he created his own brand, “Un sólo plano Audiovisuales”, under which he is developing his own projects.

His versatility has led him to work on multiple productions play very different roles.
He was sound technician in some documentaries like
Morente (Ircania Productions, 2010) and Conchita Piquer (Storyboard for TVE, 2010), and besides he was image editor in documentaries like Tocaoras (Alicia Cifredo, 2013), Un sitio para quedarse (Marta Arrivas and Ana Pérez, 2013) or Madrid en la Mirada (Chema de la Peña, 2012). His work as image editor has also stood out in Fotogramas Insolentes, a documentary about the beginnings of Pedro Almodóvar (Chema de la Peña, 2012) and in the online series El Gran Día de los Feos (Tiempo de Rodar, 2012), a facet that he has always combined with writing and direction of fictions and documentaries, among them documentaries Guadix, tierra de Indiana Jones (Un sólo plano Audiovisuales, 2013) and ¿Quién soy yo? (Tiempo de Rodar and Spaintrendy, 2013), and short film My Cary Grant (Un sólo plano Audiovisuales, 2014), Amelio (Fuzo Productions, 2009), Help Me! (Tiempo de Rodar, 2011) and GO (Tiempo de Rodar, 2012), which have had a great run at various film festivals.

Currently Katharsis, an experimental feature film that he directed and edited, is waiting to be released; and fiction script Una vez, un encuentro is seeking financing.


Elena Muñoz Cano

She has a degree in CC. Environmental at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and Elena specialized in Sustainable Tourism Management and Solidarity Journalism.

She has served since 2007 as Technical Consultant-Sustainable Tourism in protected areas and environment in Spain and Mexico, developing her work in the areas of planning, training, diagnosis, strategies and territorial action plans, communication and marketing. She has developed coordination tasks to Nature, TravelbyTravel and EcotourismSpain, as is “The caravan of eco-citizenship in Morocco” with INTERSUR.

Recently, her passion for film directing and encouraged her to document the short documentary Guadixland of IndianaJones, which gave a clear focus of interest thus uniting her two passions.


 Ángel Cano Sanchez

He has a degree in Physics from the Complutense University of Madrid, specializing in Geophysics and Physics of Air. Since 2000 he teaches various areas of Mathematics for Engineering Schools.

In Madrid in 2003, Ángel Script takes a course in the school of visual arts Metropolis. He completed his training in script with tours for over a year by the film director Juan Miñón classes. These forged an unbreakable friendship and indent long Lemniscata arises.

Since then write short scripts: Women in Power, Pupa, Mala Suerte, Mi Carl Grant and Enigma.


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